Photographs from Molokai, Hawaii

Makahiki, 2009

Double rainbow, Wailau Valley

Ironwoods, road to Molokai Forest Preserve

Moana's Hula Halau

Sunset, Wailau Valley

Kaiaka Rock, Molokai

Molokai kupuna protest soaring water rates at the Governor's office, 2008

Yamashita Bay

Molokai keiki with koa canoe

Kaluapapa, Molokai

Wa`a with Maui in the background

Heliconia, east end, Molokai

Sunrise at Hale O Lono

Hawaiian monk seal KP2

Moana's Hula Halau

Pepeopae Bog

Ka Pa Hula I Ka Po La`ila`i

Kalaupapa, Molokai

Molokai Brushfire, 2009

Fresh coconut

Senator Inouye's visit to Molokai, 2008

Moana's Hula Halau


2 Responses to Photography

  1. Alan F. Hall says:

    Wow and thanks! I don’t get to Molokai as much as I want and this helps me bide my time.

    Alan F. Hall

  2. Linda Vanvalkenburgh says:

    Hi Catherine,

    I’ve really enjoyed your photography and articles on a quiet Sunday morning in Sanbornton.

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