Molokai correspondent for Hawaii Public Radio. I write, record and edit a story weekly.

Latest  news:

March 23, 2012: The close connection between land and sea is nothing new for Hawaii locals. But researchers have taken that connection a step further and made a groundbreaking discovery along the coast of Molokai. Listen

March 16, 2012: Not only was Kalaupapa historically known as a place of exile for patients of Hansen’s disease, the peninsula was also used as a bombing range during the 1940s. This fall, crews will be removing munitions from the area. Listen

March 9, 2012: The tiny Kalaupapa Post Office will now remain open after being earmarked for possible closure by the U.S. Postal Service last year. Listen

March 2, 2012: It’s been a typically rainy time of late for many islands across the state. But Molokai has been left dry. And officials of the Molokai Irrigation System are beginning to prepare for potential drought conditions. Listen

Feb, 27, 2012: Another religious figure from Hawaii is in line to become a saint. Like Father Damien, Mother Marianne Cope also worked with Hansen’s disease patients on Molokai. Listen

Feb. 17, 2012: Maui County is cracking down on container-based businesses in Kaunakakai, leaving some business owners with few options. Listen

Live during the Hawaii Public Radio 2009 pledge drive.


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